Yoga and Ayurveda
  Yoga and Ayurveda

Rishikesh Yoga Tour  
(15 Days)

Ananda Spa with Golden Triangle (10 Days)

Kerala Ayurveda Rejuvenation Tour (19 Days)

Ayurveda Slimming Tour
(30 Days)

Tranquil Himalayas
(11 Days)


Ayurveda Slimming Tour (15 to 30 Days)


A safe and scientific weight management program using a unique diagnostic tool, the body composition monitor, to formulate customized treatment based on each personís body type and needs. Treatment is supplemented with an expertly designed diet and exercise plan to so that weight loss is safe, sure and lasting.


Destinations :

       >>    Ayurveda Resort, Kerala

Highlights :

       >>    Treatment prescibed based on Doctorís consultation
       >>    Yoga sessions, herbal medicines, nature walks
       >>    Special Ayurvedic diet, designed for weight loss naturally
       >>    Rejuvenating Ayurveda spa treatments
       >>    Kathakali Dance Show

    Day 1 TO Day 3
  • Morning Udawartanam (it is a powder massage with herbs), swedanam, and internal oileation.
  • Meals will be special according to Doctorís advice, which will help to reduce the weight like lemon water, honey, choker, oat, millet, barley product, mung dal and herbal medication.
  • Evening Yoga and Pranayam by expert Yogacharya.

Day 4

  • Morning Udavartanam and swedanam along with major detox like Vamanam or Virechana, No breakfast, lunch & dinner (Fasting day)

  • Complete rest whole day.

  • Evening Yoga and Pranayam and Vinyasa yoga.

Day 5 TO Day 7

  • Breakfast special.

  • Morning Udavartanam, Swedanam

  • Evening Yoga and Pranayam.

    Day 8
  • Morning Udawartana, Sweadanam, Virechana(colonic cleansing). Special healing diet Schedule. Evening Yoga and Pranayam & vinyasa Yoga.

Day 9 TO Day 11

  • Morning Udawrtanam, swedanam.
  • Special diet programme.
  • Evening Yoga and Pranayam.

Day 12 TO Day 27

  • Morning Udavartanam, Swedanam and different types of Basti to cleans and loose the body weight.

  • Evening Yoga and Pranayam & Vinyasa Yoga.

Day 28 TO Day 30

  • Morning Abhayanga, Swedanam and Nasyam.

  • Evening Yoga and Pranayam & Vinyasa Yoga.

  • Ayurveda and Yoga expert consultation for lifestyle, food supplement, Herbal medicines


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All Trips Include:

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•First Class, Comfortable Private Vehicle
• Strong Emphasis on nature,culture and heritage
•Entrances to Monuments/ Museums / National Parks
• City Sightseeing as per tour

Also Available on request :

• Learn cooking Indian Recipes from a well known Chef
• Visit a local Family in Jaipur
• Learn the Art of wearing a Sari
• An Ayurvedic Massage
• Early morning Yoga lessons
• Experience Traditional art of Henna tattoos

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"I must write to confirm that we were absolutely delighted with all of the arrangements which you so kindly made for us throughout our five week stay in India. Thanks Mr. Sharma"

Mr. Barry & Mrs. Patricia Glazier

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Experts in Meetings, Incentives, Group Travel, Conferences and Exhibitions (MICE).
Receive a complimentary room for every 15 rooms you book for a meeting / conference.

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